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Find a clean, reliable, stove repair Pretroria specialist.

Gas Stove Repairs Pretoria

Stove Repairs

We service all freestanding and raised stoves, including brands such as Bosch, Fisher & Paykel, Midea, Westinghouse, Smeg, Glem, Falcon, Euromaid, and others. We serve both the East and south sides of Pretoria.

Our objective is to get at your stove in time to avert a catastrophic disaster and to save you money on replacement expenses. You can always count on your friendly stove repairs Pretoria pros to take care of your needs.

Appliance stove repair contractor who is fully trained. We excel at everything from stove repair to routine service and maintenance contracts because to our experienced personnel and great customer service.


Why Choose Us

Electronic range controls, limiting switches, safety switches, silicon carbide ignitions, and other electrical devices are becoming more widespread, and a professional diagnosis is almost always required if you want to reduce the expense of trial and error to a minimal.

Reasons to select us:

Service that is both quick and courteous
Service on the Same Day
Labor Warranty: 6 Months
Repair Estimates for Free Appliances


Call to book today: 061 025 8022 or Book Online

We will always be available for you and we’ll come and fix it right away.


Electric Stove Repairs Pretoria

Common Problems

A stove repairs Pretoria specialist can save you a ton of money by simply repairing minor problems quickly.

This guide is designed to help you identify some problems that can be fully repaired, so you don’t have to worry about replacement.

Problems With Your Burner

Problems with the burner could arise if burner socket is not working or if there is frequent overheating and under heating. A burner may also stop lighting is debris from food starts to clog the burner holes. In some cases, food debris could also damage the metal coil ranges

Smoking Occurs While The Fire Is On

This is more common than you think and it is usually related to poor maintenance. Whether you have a flat glass top stove or a metal coil range stove, this problem could arise if you fail to keep your burners clean. Smoking if often caused because food or other materials collect in the burner over time.

Control Board Or Switch Problems

If your stove switch stops working, then it is perhaps because it has burned out or because there’s no power supply reaching the control board. This is a tougher problem for you to check on your own because power trouble is usually diagnosed with the help of a type of metre.

Debris in Stove Burner

Sometimes the debris gets deeper rooted in the stove burner, so your best option is to let a professional take care of the problem. Getting skilful domestic appliance repairs in Perth is easy when you choose us for your needs. In some instances, the spark ignite button may have trouble.
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