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Garsfontein Same Day Fridge Repairs

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Offering affordable Garsfontein fridge repairs with highly trained technicians located across  Garsfontein, Pretoria East.

We are able to repair or service your fridge fast. If you call in before 4p.m. we offer same-day service.

To have your fridge or freezer repaired ASAP, we are recognised and authorised repairers for many major fridge brands and we can repair all makes and models.

We are also the ONLY fridge repair Garsfontein company to offer a 6-month service and 6-month parts warranty.

Our friendly phone staff can provide a free estimate when you call up our experienced fridge repairs technicians, saving you time and money.

So what are you waiting for? Call Now For A Free Quote.

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We will always be available for you and we’ll come and fix it right away.


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Garsfontein Same Day Fridge Repairs

Our trusted, insured team are also authorised to carry out manufacturer warranty fridge repairs for many major fridge and freezer brands.

This means we are able to provide genuine fridge parts and offer 6-month service warranty and 6-month parts warranty. No other appliance repair company in Garsfontein can offer this level of customer service.

Just some of the fridge brands we repair include, Mitsubishi, Haier. LG, Beko, Fisher and Paykel, Samsung, Westinghouse, Electrolux, Hisense, Kelvinator and much more.

When your refrigerator stops working, your life is greatly impacted – not to mention all the food, and therefore money, you stand to lose.

When it comes to refrigerator appliance repair, time is of the essence, and that is why we are available to make refrigerator repairs same day.

Why Choose Us

Reliable Service

◉ Same-Day Appointment Available

◉ No Callout Fee if appliance is repaired

◉ Six (6) Months Warranty

◉ Same Rate for Weekend appointments
◉ Prompt & Affordable Service
◉ Quick & Reliable Service
◉ Factory Trained Technicians
◉ 100% Customer Satisfaction

Brands We Service

◉ Defy

◉ Samsung

◉ Hisense

◉ Kelvinator
◉ Smeg
◉ Bosch


Qualified Experts

» We offer Same-Day Appliance Repairs Service
» Weekend Appointments at Week Days rate
» No Call-out Fee if your Appliance is repaired

Common Fridge Problems


Worn Electrical Wiring


Door Gaskets Not Sealing Properly


Malfunctioning Control Modules


Problems With the Defrost Heater


Inaccurate Thermostat


and much more

Types Of Fridges We Repair


Single Door Fridge


Double Door Fridges


Top Mount Fridges


Side By Side Fridges


Bottom Fridge Mounts


and much more


Here are some of the most common problems you might encounter with a refrigerator:

1. Not Cooling Properly: This can be caused by various issues such as a malfunctioning compressor, a problem with the thermostat, or a blockage in the airflow due to ice buildup.

2. Excessive Frost Buildup in Freezer: This often indicates a problem with the defrost system, such as a faulty defrost timer, heater, or thermostat.

3. **Water Leakage**: Leaks can be due to a clogged or frozen defrost drain, a cracked water supply line, or a faulty door seal (gasket).

4. Ice Maker Not Working: This can be caused by issues with the water inlet valve, a defective ice maker assembly, or problems with the water supply line.

5. Strange Noises: Unusual sounds like buzzing, rattling, or humming can be due to a malfunctioning compressor, condenser fan motor, or evaporator fan motor.

6. Fridge Too Warm, Freezer Too Cold (or vice versa): This might indicate issues with the temperature controls, a malfunctioning thermistor, or improper airflow due to a blocked vent.

7. Condensation Inside: This can occur if the door seal (gasket) is damaged or not sealing properly, allowing warm air to enter and condense inside the fridge.

8. Fridge Light Not Working: This is usually a sign of a burnt-out bulb or a problem with the door switch.

9. Fridge Cycling Too Often: This could be due to a variety of issues such as dirty condenser coils, a malfunctioning thermostat, or improper airflow.

10. Excessive Energy Consumption: If your refrigerator suddenly starts using more electricity than usual, it could indicate a problem with the compressor, door seals, or other components.

When facing any of these issues, it’s often best to consult the refrigerator’s manual for troubleshooting tips or contact a professional appliance repair technician for assistance, especially if the problem involves electrical components or refrigerant systems.

Freaquently Asked Questions

What are some of the most common fridge problems?
The most common fridge repairs problems include:

– Inability to maintain proper temperature.
– Worn electrical wiring.
– Door gaskets not sealing properly.
– Faulty water inlet valve.
– Malfunctioning control modules.
– Problems with the defrost heater.
– Inaccurate thermostat.

The cause of these problems will depend on the specific make and model of your refrigerators. So, it’s best to consult a professional technician for accurate diagnosis and repair.

Our friendly staff operates fast and accurately restores your fridge. We will always give genuine advice to all our customers. Whether it is about the state of your fridge, maintenance tips, financial advice, and more. It is our goal to help our customers the best we can.

How much will a fridge repair in Menlyn cost me?
A fridge repair in Menlyn costs:
-Service Call – R350
-Labour – R950
-Total Service Call – R1500

This cost includes:
-A mobile service van visit to your home from one of our trained appliance technicians.
-Up to 30 mins of labour on the visit. Most repairs are completed within this 30-minute period.
-Additional Labour (Per 15 Mins) R50.00

For commercial services:
Total Service Call – R550

This includes a mobile service van visit to your office/home/workplace from one of our trained appliance technicians. Up to 1 hour of labor on the visit. Additional Labour (Per 15 Mins) R50.00

Should I replace or repair my refrigerator?
Determining whether it is worth repairing a refrigerator depends on several factors, including the age of the refrigerator, the cost of the freezer repair, the severity of the issue, and the overall condition of the unit.

Here are some considerations to help you decide:

1. Age of the refrigerator: If your refrigerator is less than 8-10 years old, it may be worth repairing, especially if it’s a high-quality, energy-efficient model. Refrigerators typically last 10-20 years, so a younger unit may have more life left in it.

2. Repair cost: Compare the repair cost to the cost of purchasing a new refrigerator. If the repair cost is more than 50% of the cost of a new unit, it might be more economical to replace the refrigerator. Make sure to get quotes from multiple technicians for an accurate cost estimate.

3. Severity of the issue: Some issues, like a faulty thermostat or a leaky gasket, can be relatively inexpensive and straightforward to fix. However, if the compressor or the sealed refrigerant system is the problem, the repair may be more costly and complicated. You can call us for a free estimate.

4. Overall condition: If the refrigerator is in good condition aside from the current issue, it may be worth repairing. However, if there are multiple problems or the unit has been poorly maintained, it might be time to consider a replacement.

5. Energy efficiency: Older refrigerators tend to be less energy-efficient than newer models. If your current unit is more than 10 years old, you may save money in the long run by investing in a new, energy-efficient refrigerator.

6. Warranty: If your refrigerator is still under warranty, the repair might be covered by the manufacturer, making it more cost-effective to fix the issue.

Weigh these factors to determine whether repairing your refrigerator is worth it or if it’s better to invest in a new unit.#

Why is my fridge running and not cooling?
There could be several reasons why your fridge is running but not cooling. Here are some common causes:

Dirty condenser coils: The condenser coils dissipate heat as the refrigerant passes through them. If the coils are dirty or covered with dust and debris, they won’t be able to efficiently release heat, leading to a decrease in cooling efficiency. Clean the coils using a vacuum cleaner or a soft brush, here’s how to do it.

Faulty evaporator fan: The evaporator fan helps circulate cold air inside the fridge. If the fan is malfunctioning or not running, the cooling process will be affected. Listen for the fan’s operation or check if there’s air circulation within the fridge. If you suspect a faulty fan, you may need to replace it.

Damaged or malfunctioning thermostat: The thermostat controls the fridge’s temperature by turning the compressor on and off. If it’s not working properly, the compressor may not run when needed, leading to inadequate cooling. You may need to replace the thermostat if it’s faulty.

Blocked air vents: Air vents are crucial for proper air circulation within the fridge. If they are blocked by food or debris, cold air won’t be able to reach all areas of the refrigerator. Make sure the vents are clear and not obstructed.

Defective door seals: The door seals, or gaskets, help keep the cold air inside the fridge. If they are damaged or not sealing properly, cold air will escape, and the fridge will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature. Inspect the seals and replace them if necessary.

Low refrigerant level: The refrigerant is the substance that absorbs heat and cools the air inside the fridge. If there’s a leak or the refrigerant level is low, the fridge won’t cool properly. This issue requires a professional technician to diagnose and repair, as refrigerant handling is regulated and requires specialized tools and training.

Faulty compressor: The compressor is the heart of the fridge’s cooling system. If it’s failing or not working correctly, the fridge will not cool. Compressor issues can be complex and often require professional assistance to diagnose and repair.

If you’re not comfortable diagnosing the issue yourself, it’s best to contact a professional appliance technician to help you identify and fix the problem.

What is the life expectancy of a refrigerator?
The life expectancy of a refrigerator can vary depending on the brand, model, and how well it’s maintained.

On average, refrigerators typically last between 10 to 20 years. Higher-quality models and those that are well-maintained may last towards the upper end of this range or even beyond, while lower-quality or poorly maintained units may have a shorter lifespan.

To maximize the life of your refrigerator, it’s essential to perform regular maintenance, such as cleaning the condenser coils, ensuring proper air circulation, and inspecting door seals for wear and tear.

In addition, addressing any operational issues promptly can help extend the life of your refrigerator.

Keep in mind that even if a refrigerator continues to function beyond its typical lifespan, it may become less energy-efficient over time. Upgrading to a newer, more energy-efficient model can save money on your energy bills and reduce your environmental impact.

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